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Smoked Salmon

Smoked SalmonSmoked Salmon

Wild Pacific Salmon is one of nature’s healthiest and purest foods, and is an excellent source of protein that is low in saturated fat. Salmon also contain highly unsaturated oils called Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which have been linked to numerous health benefits. Compared to other protein sources, salmon is also generally lower in fat and calories than beef, poultry or pork. Canadian Fishing Company offers a wide variety of value-added products custom processed to specifications under your private label such as smoked sockeye lox, hot smoked salmon nuggets, and salmon jerky.

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Product Specification

Barbecued Chum Salmon Tips & Chunks
Wild chum salmon is deboned, trimmed, cut into tips or chunks and marinated in a special brine. Then the salmon is hot smoked over a unique blend of hardwoods infusing the pieces with an exceptional flavour. Finally the tips and chunks are cooked at high heat (200°F). These tasty treats are ready-to-eat, they are excellent as appetizers, on sandwiches or in a main dish.

Smoked Sockeye Lox
Our sockeye salmon is cold smoked over west coast alder wood with care. Then we debone, slice, and vacuum-pack it on a gold board before freezing for your convenience. Perfect for appetizers and sandwiches.

Salmon Candy
This succulent delicacy is an Alaska Symphony of Seafood “People’s Choice” Award Winner. Wild chum salmon fillets are cut into strips and marinated in a special brine before being hot smoked over a unique blend of hardwoods. Then the strips are coated in demerara sugar for a deliciously sweet flavour. Available with or without pepper, this ready to eat product makes an impressive appetizer.

Marinated Salmon Portions
This uncooked, skin-on, boneless product won The BC Seafood Sensations® 2000 Award for its taste, packaging, marketability and innovation. Manufactured from chum salmon, these fillets are portioned and then seasoned in our artfully crafted marinades. Three gourmet flavours to choose from: Five Peppercorn Spice, Chili/Lime and Garlic/Chive. A delicious, no-fuss dinner option.

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