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The Canadian Fishing Company (Canfisco) has harvested sustainably, wild fish from the coastal waters of the Pacific Northwest for over 110 years. The Canfisco Group harvests over 100 million pounds of a diverse range of fish species annually and operates facilities spanning from Western Alaska to Southern British Columbia. Through its fully integrated seafood business, including fishing, processing and sales, Canfisco ensures its seafood products are fully compliant with the highest environmental, quality, and traceability standards. 

Canfisco operates the largest fishing fleet in British Columbia with a focus on harvesting salmon, herring, rockfish, halibut, and hake.  We land our catch in Prince Rupert, Port Hardy and Richmond with processing plants in both Prince Rupert and Greater Vancouver.  

Bristol Bay, Alaska is the largest sockeye salmon fishery in the world and the site of two operations: Alaska General Seafoods and Leader Creek Fisheries.  Alaska General Seafoods also operates in Ketchikan, Alaska.  Our Alaskan operations are major producers in their regions and have a growing share of the wild salmon fillet and canned salmon markets as well as expanding Canfisco’s volume and range of smoked salmon products.

As the global demand for sustainability harvested and nutritious seafood increases, Canfisco is always at the forefront.  It is our commitment to be an environmentally responsible fishing entity in the seafood industry. With this focus, Canfisco has become one of North America’s largest producer of single-frozen Marine Stewardship Council sustainable wild salmon fillets.

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Dan Nomura

Letter From the President

Welcome to our website, we really appreciate your visit and hope you find it informative!

All of us at Canadian Fishing Company (Canfisco) are proud to be part of this very long established company which has been in the seafood business for over 110 years!

Canfisco is a socially responsible, dynamic and vertically integrated company which catches, processes, and sells its seafood products worldwide.

Our fishing fleet harvests seafood in a responsible manner and we support sustainably managed fisheries as well as maintenance of a pristine ocean environment. We employ a diverse workforce and take pride in providing an inclusive and safe workplace for our employees.

Canfisco’s seafood products are manufactured in modern processing facilities which are certified at the highest levels by both regulatory and independent food inspection agencies to ensure our seafood products are wholesome and high quality.

Our sales team markets our wide range of premium quality seafood products in North America and around the world. We have a fishing fleet of over 850 vessels which supply our 9 processing plants located on the Pacific Coast with premium quality wild salmon, herring, hake, halibut, groundfish and other species.

Many customers around the world trust Canfisco to deliver premium quality, good value wild salmon and other seafood products.

At Canfisco, we believe in giving something back to the communities we are a part of. We support local charitable organizations by donating seafood products, providing financial support and by volunteering the time of our employees for local community events.

Your visit to our website is important to us and we really appreciate your time at

If you have any questions about Canfisco or our seafood products, please contact us.

Thank you.
Dan Nomura